Pilgrim’s Map of the Day

* Jim Martin does a great job of making one think about their behavior/character in this piece he has written over a A Place for the God Hungry.
* Feel secure in this great nation of ours? Read this article sent to me by Jason Jarrett and then ask yourself if you feel secure about this nation’s “great wealth?” Further, what is the collateral? Answer = your freedom.
* I am not going to say anything about this video but just watch and make your own conclusions. Make sure you watch from 3:15 on.

* Got your future tied up in an IRA or 401K? You might want to quickly reconsider that as they are going to be targeted for “redistribution.” Read here for more.
* In pathetic news: Read this article about the LSU fan who shot and killed two Alabama fans over a football game this past Saturday.
* Can you tell the difference between The Bible and the writing(s) of Shakespeare? According to Mental Floss I can only do it 80% of the time. Take this fun Bible or The Bard quiz.
* Do you know the story of Jean- Dominique Bauby? Here is a brief article about him and the ideas that stem from his courage. This story always motivates clients in group therapy sessions.


~ by dvdbrumley on November 10, 2008.

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