Discerning a False Prophet: Damon Thompson’s Ramp Points Down (Secret Mountain of God’s Presence part 2)

Note that Damon Thompson has been contacted by e-mail and given an opportunity to answer the questions his teaching raises up. At this time, no response has come from Mr. Thompson.

As we started in part one of this series of discerning the messages delivered by Mr. Damon Thompson, we will now continue discerning the same message. Before doing so, allow me to say one thing. I am going to attempt to refrain from using some of the more derogatory terms when describing Damon Thompson. This is not because my thoughts that his teaching is absolute apostasy has changed. I firmly believe that scripture points to the fact that the message he delivers is heretical and as we will find in this post, aligns him with some extremely dangerous men in the church today and he relishes in these relationships. Let’s continue

In our last post, we stopped this exercise in discernment at the five-minute mark. In this post we will pick up where we left off. For review, Thompson in his lesson has just finished denying that the book of John is a gospel (false) and that God is monotheistic (one God). Refer back to part 1 for reference. Note that the format of this is that the time of the podcast is listed so that you may go back and listen yourself to verify the accuracy of what is being discerned.

  • 05:01 – 05:37 – In this section, Damon Thompson discusses “his belief” based on John 1:14, that our focus should not be on “this is what God is saying he’s going to do,” but on “this is what God’s doing.” He tells his congregation self-help group that “I believe that is firmly on our shoulders. My sovereignty theology will not let me believe that God has written a date on His calendar where healing is going to come back into the Earth again.” Here’s the kicker, the total escape from Christianity: “I believe that God is looking for people that will make the adjustments.” Notice that in 36 seconds of teaching we have 3 “I/me believes,” one brief the word of God says.
    • It is obvious what is going on in this case. Damon Thompson is setting up his followers to someone fall into this trapping of modern-day faith healing. Let’s just break this down a little bit.
      • How can a Christian speaker say that our focus should not be on what God says He is going to do? This statement undermines the very hope that is at the center of Christian teaching. We hope for the return of Christ. We hope for the stripping away of our decaying and sinful bodies. We hope for a Heavenly home. We hope to meet our Savior. These are all future events and are central to the teaching of Christianity. Paul’s exhortations in the epistles all provided encouragement to hold on the the hope that they gained through their learning of the gospel.
      • Instead, Damon Thompson says they should put their focus on what God is doing. This is wrong. Christians put their focus on WHAT CHRIST HAS DONE!!! It is understandable that Damon does not teach this though because to teach that alone would unravel everything that he is building to in his message.
    • Regarding “Sovereignty Theology,” I must say that this is correct. The fact that God is the one and only God in the universe is true and is supported in scripture (Isaiah 45:5-12 just for one). Sadly though, Damon Thompson’s stated faith in this does not support his “belief” about what it means.
      • Damon Thompson “believes” that because God is sovereign that He does not have a date set when “healing” will come back into this world. First off, that means that you believe that at some point it left. For something to come back, it had to leave. Would Damon Thompson give us with the timeline when that happened? I can provide for when it left.
        • 1 Cor. 13:9-10 tells us that when “that which is perfect has come” prophecy, tongues, and knowledge will pass away. Uh-oh, that’s a problem because Mr. Thompson’s message we are discerning contains all three of those things that scripture (a.k.a., that which is perfect) tells us will go away. That really explains why Mr. Thompson and his ilk do not like to spend much time in scripture.
        • Question: If Jesus or the inspired writers promise something will go away, would God undermine their inspired belief? Mr. Thompson apparently thinks they would despite the fact that EVERYTHING that God want delivered through Christ to this world was told to His apostles and the inspired writers of the scriptures (John 15:15).
    • Damon Thompson believes that God is “looking for people who will make the adjustments.” What adjustments? The ones that say, don’t worry what the Biblical evidence is, trust us, we know? Those adjustments? I would ask what about James 1:22-24? Does it say anywhere in those verses to adjust the word of God? It says do, but I miss the part where it says adjust. However, in order to follow Damon Thompson’s teaching, that is what must be done. You have to be willing to say to yourself that this man Damon Thompson knows more than what the scripture says. That he himself is somehow inspired enough to read the same scripture that you read but receive a completely different understanding and revelation that for some reason you don’t see. Give yourself more credit that that. Damon Thompson is preying on people with low self-esteem and is looking them in the face and calling them stupid. What adjustments though?
  • 06:00 – 06:50 – Here, Damon Thompson reveals something to us. He goes on a tangent about how he never wanted to be “T.D. Jakes,” or “Joyce Meyer,” but tells us what he did get involved in ministry for. Was it because he wanted to obey the gospel call to seek and save the lost using the power of the word of God and Christ crucified? Nope. He got into ministry because of “those stories.” Not the stories of Christ’s pain and suffering on the cross or spotless lamb being killed for all mankind, no, the stories about the apostles going out and healing. Damon Thompson wanted to become a minister so he could heal lame people. That is not my assumption, but his confession. I ask, of the original apostles or even of the 3000 saved on the day of Pentecost, which of them accepted Christ as their savior so they could “heal people?” Seems like glory-hounding to me.
  • 07:34 – 08:00 – This will be the final piece of discernment on this lesson. I believe that you can listen to it yourself and now see that you need to be armed with the armor of God before listening to a man such as Damon Thompson teach. One glaring reason why is revealed during this portion of his message. During this section, Damon Thompson discusses his affiliation and preaching in the church of a proven heretic in today’s church. This man is the Bishop Carlton Pearson
    • If you do not know who Carlton Pearson he is one of the front-runners in the inclusion gospel movement. What is the inclusion gospel? There is not enough time to fully discuss it but this is taken from Carlton Pearson’s own book marketing:

      What if Hell didn’t really exist?

    • Have you ever asked how a loving God could condemn most of His children to eternal torment? Bishop Carlton Pearson did, and his answer will change everything you ever thought you knew about God, eternity and God’s plan for humankind.

      In The Gospel of Inclusion, Bishop Pearson courageously explores the exclusionary doctrines of mainstream religion and concludes that according to the evidence of the Bible and irrefutable logic, they cannot be true. Instead, he offers us the Gospel of Inclusion—the simple, stunning truth that everyone has already been saved by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

      In this astonishing book, Pearson argues that the controlling dogmas of religion are the source of much of the world’s ills, and that we should turn our backs on proselytizing and holy wars and focus on the real Good News: that all of humanity is indeed loved by the Divine!

      The Gospel of Inclusion will transform your perception of religion’s role in your life and give you a priceless gift: hope for the future.

      • Is this someone you want teaching your children to be running around with. Here’s the problem with Damon Thompson: because he spends so much time being blown from one doctrine to the next, we never know what it is he truly believes. How can someone who claims to love Jesus and the gospel delivered in the gospel spend time with someone such as Carlton Pearson in any setting other than trying to show him the error of his inclusion doctrine? Don’t fail to recognize that if Carlton Pearson is correct, then Jesus Christ Himself went to the cross for nothing. Afterall, God loves everyone that even if Christ would not have gone to the cross, God’s love would have saved them anyway. It’s a disgusting theology. It is this kind of teaching that fuels the anti-religious attitude that The Ramp takes on. Is this healthy for anyone seeking Christ?

Now, ask yourself what influence Carlton Pearson has on Damon Thompson and the message he teaches.


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  1. Take a right on the exit ramp for Atenas, then a left at the signs pointing towards Atenas, crossing over the Pan American Highway. Raquel Bibles

  2. Only Thing I will say is we need to be very careful what we say about people who are in minisrty. The bible said to judge by the furits. Ive seen the furits of Damon Thompson first hand. An time people are saved and set free by Jesus and someone is willing to allow God total control of there life I think we need to be careful. Damon is a man of God. So I ask you what have you produced? I haven’t heard of you healing the blind and deaf as Jesus did. Nor thousands of people running to accept Jesus not a man or to follow a man but Jesus. All this I say in Love only hoping to shed some light on you

  3. Thanks for the comments JP and I do believe that what you are saying is out of love. I will address your questions first. You are correct, I haven’t healed a blind person or deaf person as Jesus did. As is laid out in the post though, those gifts have passed. I am assuming somewhat here but is your qualification that Damon Thompson is a “man of God,” the fact that he claims to have healed the blind or deaf? Or is your qualification the fact that “thousands have ran to accept Jesus..” at The Ramp. If the latter is your measurement then you have a very skewed view of what Christianity is plus, as laid out in this discernment, Damon Thompson does not teach the Jesus or gospel of the Bible so you should ask yourself, is it Jesus that these people are flocking to. My other answer to your question though is that I have produced nothing. That is the point. I, as man, am capable of producing only wrath on this Earth. The very point of Christianity is that it’s about what Christ and His gospel produce. He has produced a level of peace and understanding that surpasses even my own understanding. Therefore, thorugh that peace and faith in Christ, I go forth proclaiming the gospel as found in the Bible, not man’t interpretation or visions of the future of it. This is the seed that produces fruit. Also, it’s not a competition and this delusion in American churches today that numbers = success is one of the problems bringing the church down today. Were the New Testament churches big and boasting of their numbers?
    At the heart of whatever Damon Thompson’s message is lies nothing more than legalism – you do this, you do that, do this better, give more. That is supposedly the very thing these people are supposed to be against. However, we don’t have permission from Him to teach that. We only have permission to teach what He has given us in scripture. Damon Thompson does not believe that and he along with many of his followers proclaim their delusion that they are somehow receiving a revelation that is nothing more than their own thoughts. They have been preaching “bring revival” to a town for many years now that despite their effort the town is dying more and more spiritually each day (filled with sexual and drug corruption from the police force to the everyday citizen). Trust me, they are not saving this town and their primary “followers” are paid individuals shipped in like zoo animals and made paid employees. There is a difference in an employee and a believer.
    I will say this, you, like the other commenters in defense(?) of Damon Thompson have yet to mention one word about the accuracy of the flaws pointed out in his message. I thank you for your words and I understand your words of caution, but as I said, souls are literally at risk. If you feel you can defend Damon Thompson’s teaching (as he has been asked by me to do to no avail), please do. God Bless you.

  4. I’m just glad that Jesus SAVES!

  5. Sir your ignorance of the context in which Damon Thompson has made the statement of making adjustments is glaring! He’s not talking about adjusting God’s word! He’s talking about us adjusting our lives to get in on the move of God – you obviously know nothing about the move of God. You have put God in a box and there He will remain for you. My God is a huge gigantic God who moves where He wants to move – where he sees a people who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. What Damon Thompson does is POINT PEOPLE TO JESUS = this is the true mark of a spirit-led man – because the bible says that the Holy Spirit will point men to Jesus!

    • Mary, I appreciate your comment. You will have to define “taking out of context” in order for me to understand your point. The comments are in context from a lesson he delivered. The post is formatted the way it is in order to clear that confusion up. I also will say that it is not I putting God in a box, but rather God Himself. He is perfectly & completely revealed to us in scripture. Sadly, for many & possibly yourslf that is not sufficient. My God is not good enough for such people and I hope that some day you will return from your abandonment. Damon Thompson does not point people to Jesus, he points them to man and man-made delusions that are not based in scripture. God bless you.

  6. “Trust me, they are not saving this town and their primary “followers” are paid individuals shipped in like zoo animals and made paid employees. There is a difference in an employee and a believer.”

    Where did you get this from?

  7. I don’t even understand where you are getting your thoughts. “Paid individuals” to “paid employees, what does that even mean? Are you referring to the Karen Wheaton Ministries staff?

  8. It’s composed of people. There are probably 8 or 9 full-time employees. But what does that really matter? On a purely secular note the ministry brings in about 1000 people twice a month that funnel money into the city and surrounding areas. On a apiritual note the people that come are getting their lives changed for the better.

    • Bobby, you seem smart. Surely you can see that it matters. Since when does the value of the church have a barometer of how much money it brings into a town? If anything, that statement reinforces the point that there is a difference between employees and believers. Your proof of the Ramp’s value is one that a business would make, not a church. Is the Ramp a business or church? Keep in mind, we cannot serve two masters.

  9. I am smart. What I’m referring to is how does how many KWM employ matter? And, you still haven’texplained the whole “paid individuals” deal.

    • Sorry Bobby, I am not able to see your confusion. It was you who brought up the amount of people who KWM employs so you should figure out yourself why that mattered. I suppose your confusion over the “individuals” comment could be cleared up this way. Are the worship leaders and/or Chosen members not hand picked from various places by Wheaton? Are they then asked to move to this area as followers? Are they compensated monetarily upon their move? You could probably clear this up. If not, and you have no intention of attempting to defend the teaching of Damon Thompson (the context of this post) then any further discussion would probably be a waste of time.

  10. He doesn’t point people to Jesus? Are you serious? In every sermon he declares Jesus as Lord and King – HE POINTS PEOPLE TO JESUS. You must be disgruntled or a former Ramp member – what the heck happened to you to make you so bitter? Or have you let satan fill your heart with jealousy at the success of The Ramp? Why are you attacking Karen Wheaton Ministries. I have not seen anyone at the Ramp Praising Damon Thompson – but rather they praise the JESUS that Damon Thompson preaches about. How sad miserable you must be.

  11. Hey man, I personally have been to the Ramp, and I can tell you it is life changing. You probably think I am biased, but the truth is, Damon is not a false teacher. God moves in that place. I have seen kids and adults alike literally sprint to the altar and praise Jesus. They did not scream Damon, or cry out to Damon, but to God. And you claim you have evidence that Damon doesn’t preach Jesus or the Gospel. But you are picking out one of Damon’s messages, and twisting some of the things he says into things you think is what he meant. And I am sure, you are gonna say that I am blinded and cannot see the truth. I know in my own life, and that of many people I know, that when we came home from the Ramp, we didn’t start waking up at six in the morning to pray to a false Jesus. I don’t have a misconstrued idea of who Jesus is, if anything, the teachings of Damon have made me appreciate more the sacrifice that Jesus made for me. Damon, by the help of the Holy Spirit, is leading many people to Christ. I do not know you, or your deep theological beliefs, (I know there shouldn’t be many, but sadly there is), but I do know you believe what you are saying is true. I am not here to argue or debate, but maybe you shouldn’t write things as if they are so concrete. I can tell by the way you wrote somethings, you weren’t led by the Holy Spirit to write them.

    An Example: Damon Thompson is preying on people with low self-esteem and is looking them in the face and calling them stupid.

    So since I believe in what Damon is teaching, I have low self-esteem and I am stupid? You might not have meant it that way, but that is how it came off. Even if you were right about what you put about Damon (which I don’t believe you are), you are not helping your cause to shed light on the situation by calling the people that listen to him idiots with low self-esteem.

    And also, your quote on 1 Corinthians 13 is wrong.

    “Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.

    For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.

    But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.” verses 8-10

    No where in there does it mention that healing will disappear. I have looked at several different translations and not one says healing disappears. Also, you said 1 Corinthians 13:9-10 but only quoted verse 10.

    Overall, I do not want to start drama, but maybe you should spend less time bashing someone else’s ministry, and focus more on your own walk with God. You said you e-mailed Damon, but if it is your true passion to prove Damon is wrong, and it is a great concern to you, go to The Ramp with an open heart, see what God does in you, and then talk to Damon there.

    God Bless

    • Brock, thanks for your comments. First off, thanks for your comments on 1 Cor. 13. You are correct, healing is not mentioned but several other things that Mr. Thompson reports possible are.
      Regarding your assertion that this is only one lesson I have chosen, I can guarantee you that all of the ones I have listened to contain glaring differences from Biblical gospel and rely heavily on thoughts and visions.
      You say that we should not have theology but in the lesson being covered, Damon backs his point that the book of John is not a gospel by stating that “many old theologians” agree with that. Is it just I or Thompson who should not have or believe in theology? I believe that is a question you should answer.
      Finally, Jesus’ true disciples follow his request that we “keep the word.” Study that passage for a while and then check back when you understand exactly what “keep the word” means.

      God Bless

      • Well I am sorry on the confusion, but I wasn’t stating that we shouldn’t have theology. I was saying, that sadly there are MANY theological beliefs and doctrines, and that I do not know yours. So that is not siding with Damon or your beliefs, for I do not know what yours are.

        An example of what I am talking about: Some believe once saved always saved is right, others do not. Some believe in Calvinism and others Arminianism. Regardless if it is obvious to you or I that one is right, we might have a very hard time convincing someone else who believes in different.

        My whole point, is I am not here to try to convince you, for you thoroughly believe that Damon is a false prophet, and I thoroughly do not. No matter what reason I give, you are going to defend it, and I vice-versa.

        I can just tell you from first hand experience, that Damon does not boast about himself. He declares Jesus is Lord often, and the fruits that he shows prove to me and many others that he is a man of God. I went to the Ramp this past weekend, an it was a Christ-centered Ramp. You might have a hard time believing that, but it was all about Jesus, and growing closer to Him. They brought a huge cross on stage, and over 100 kids ran to the cross touching it and reaching out to it calling out the name of Jesus. Kids were set free from sexual immorality and perversion. I, myself, was set free the first time I visited the Ramp. I have struggled with pornography and masturbation for 5 years, but after one trip to the Ramp, where I encountered Jesus like I never have before, I have not fallen back into it and not even struggled with it. And I cannot say it is because I experienced a false Jesus, but it is because I experienced the true power of the Risen Son, and will never be the same. So say what you want to about Damon, but he is not leading youth down a terrible path to where they will face doom. Damon, with the help of the Holy Spirit, is teaching kids and adults alike, how to live a burning life for Jesus, and not a lukewarm one.

        God Bless

      • Brock, there is ONE truth, ONE Jesus, ONE way. We can’t just disagree and say “well, that’s ok.” Someone is right, and someone is wrong. The Bible does not promise that Christ will be revealed through dramatic reenactments where a cross is carried on stage and race towards it takes place. Sorry, but in context, Damon Thompson’s teaching does not align with scritpture and you have said nothing to address the facts that are in the post regarding his teaching.

  12. I agree with Brock -you brought healing into the 1 Cor. 13 passage when this passage has nothing to do with healing – who is misquoting scripture now? What is your agenda in trashing the Ramp and Damon Thompson and Karen Wheaton and everyone at the RAMP? Damon isn’t preaching a false doctrine. He is motivating people to get ready for the 3rd great awakening! Read Acts 2:17 “And it shall be in teh last days, God says, That I will pour forth my Spirit upon all mankind; and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams;…” And what about Mark 16:17-18 “And these sings will accompany those who have believed; in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it shall not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” and what about John 14:12 Jesus Himself spoke these words: “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to the Father.” This is what Damon Thompson is preaching – yes- we can have signs and wonders in the church – there is nothing wrong with wanting signs and wonders for the glory of God – so unbelievers will come to Jesus – why are you against these things? Jesus said greater works than these shall he (the believer) do… I pray that you will be inspired to do great works so that many people will come to the Lord instead of obsessing over what Damon Thompson is doing – I am not some gullible new believer , I have been born-again for 29 years and I study my bible and try to get as much word in me as I can. I am mature enough in the Lord to be able to discern a false prophet – which Damon Thompson is not. I am also able to discern when I am dealing with a bitter christian. Why don’t you go the RAMP and experience for yourself what if feels like to be in the presence of God.

    • Mary, you should be happy to know that since Brock pointed out my mistake I have corrected it in the posting. Will Damon Thompson go back and correct the errors in his teaching pointed out? Better yet, will you after my comments. My response is brief- the scripture you use to make your point, Acts 2:17 is an event which has come and gone. You are awaiting and teaching some third great awakening that had no scriptural backing. It is nothing more than man’s philosophy. The truth is in scripture alone. However, if you people who cloak yourselves as Christians can’t even be trusted to keep God’s New Testament plans regarding church leadership (there is no permission for female elders/bishops) why should we expect you to take any other part of scripture as literal and God-breathed. I have no agenda against Ramp but rather an agenda to defend the truth as laid out in scripture. I will once again point out that you have offered no defense of the horrible teaching by Thompson as presented in this posting. In Him.

  13. It’s not just this one message where Damon has taught things that are false. Damon is supposedly commissioned by “Apostle” Aaron Smith of Mobile, AL. He is also said to speak with a “prophetic edge.” Someone in that position, I would assume, would not make blatant mistakes, especially in teaching young, impressionable minds. But on another podcast dated September 5, 2007 he and Karen Wheaton do a question/answer session with teenagers on their purpose.

    Much of what is said during the podcast is somewhat helpful, but starting around the 10:00 mark Damon begins talking about the image of God. He says that we are made in the image of God, which is true, but then says the Greek word for image is “imag.” He then says that “imag” is where we get our word for imagination. This is just completely false!

    The Greek word for image is “εἰκών”=”eikón.” He repeats this, leaving no doubt that this is what he meant to say. There is no such word is Greek. The closest word I could think of that sounded like what he was describing is the Latin phrase “imago dei” which means “image of God.” However, this is not what Damon said. He carelessly made up a word to impress teenagers that didn’t know any better!

    A true prophet of God would not do this!

    • There is one Hebrew word (Masklyth, hit Lev. 26:1 to see it used in context) for image that can be defined as “imagination.” However, it is not the word used in Gen. 1 about man being created in God’s image. That word is Tselem and is literally defined as likeness as well as other words, none of which are imagination.

      I guess whatever pleases those itching ears is the approach they take.

  14. Wow! I feel truly sorry for you. Obviously nothing will change your way of thinking, not even the word of God. So go ahead and continue sitting on your high horse judging everyone that you don’t like, but just remember, you too will be judged and by the same standard of measure you use. This is from Matthew 7.

    • Mary, when you put your trust back into the word of God please talk to me about changing me. The gospel as found there is the only way that people are changed positively on this Earth.
      I notice, still no defense of the teachings discussed in this post. That is telling.

  15. I will leave you to think what you will. You believe the day where tongues, prophecy, and knowing have passed, but it has not. I understand it is not normal to you, but Our God is supernatural, and you will never fully understand what he does. I go to Christ for the Nations, and you probably could say a few words about my school, but I do not care. I have seen people get healed, but you most likely think I am lying. Where’s my proof right? I am not here to answer to you, but to My God in Heaven, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Malachi 3:6 says “For I AM the LORD, I do not change;”. So I believe in a God who is who he says He is, and He is a God that heals, Jehovah Rapha. I have heard Damon preach the Gospel, and seen the power that changes people lives when they hear it. So if he is a false prophet, he is doing a terrible job at leading people away from Christ. He tells them to read their Bible everyday, and wake up early every morning to seek the face of Jesus, and grow closer to Jesus. But I guess they shouldn’t do that, because he is a false prophet, and is lifting his own name up right? I just have a very hard time believing that a false prophet would preach Jesus is Our Savior so often, and point people towards Jesus.

    • Brock, it is not about what I believe, it is about what the Bible says. It seems as if you are telling us there is no proof of the healing you claim. I hope you will honestly begin comparing what you are taught to the word of God. Don’t forget that the New Test. warns of the dangers that will rise up from inside the church.

      • haha, the Bible teaches what I am saying. So I do not understand what you are trying to say. Why would God stop healing? And I was using sarcasm. I know dangers will rise up from the church, and I am on my guard, but you seem to think that your discernment is so much better than mine or other people.

        Honestly, I told myself I would not come on here and get into a debate, and I should of listened. It is such a waste of time to argue theology. We could be out there winning souls, but instead, we are on here typing away on what we believe.

        You might say we are not having a debate, or that is not your intent, but I know you already knew stuff like this would happen when you post something about someone else concerning your opinion. And it is YOUR opinion, just like what I am saying is mine. Don’t go around thinking that God ordained your opinion higher than other believers who disagree with what you are saying. You say it is not your opinion, it is the Bible, but I say the same thing. So I know that should be a valid answer, but apparently we both interpret the Bible differently.

        I will consider what you are saying, but I pray to God you consider what I am saying, because if you are wrong, you are blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

      • I know my discernment is more valid than yours because it is backed by scripture.

      • alright, well I can see that I am wasting my time. Have a great life

  16. You are right that Malachi 3:6 says “For I AM the LORD, I do not change;” also Hebrews 13:8 says that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” But those verses are referencing who God is…His nature. It says nothing about WHAT He does but WHO He is.

    For example, if God never changed the way He operates women simply would not be born. He created Eve by taking a rib from Adam. Of course, this was a “special circumstance.” There are also rites, rituals, sacrifices, etc. from the Old Law that the New Testament clearly says were nailed to the cross (Colossians 2:13-15). It is an invalid argument to claim that just because something happened in the Bible, it will continue to happen always.

    The purpose of miracles, signs, tongues, etc. was to validate the apostles and their message and to aid the spread of the gospel. Once the New Testament was collected and news of the Savior was efficiently spread, those sign gifts died out…they were the results of a “special circumstance” much like the creation of Eve or the COMMAND from God for males to be circumcised on the 8th day (Lev. 12:3).

    The point is that those miraculous gifts have ceased. But even if they had not ceased, that does not explain why a man supposedly inspired by the Holy Spirit would make up a word trying to prove his point. He would either NOT be inspired, or he would be a liar. You chose which is the case.

  17. Listen, we do not agree at all. I am sure there are things we both agree on. I can just testify in my own life that I am not farther away from God because of Damon. He has helped my walk and sped it up. I thoroughly believe the Bible supports what I am saying, and you thoroughly believe the Bible supports what you believe.

    this is the last message I will post on here. It doesn’t matter to me what you say after this. But I would like to speak blessing and life over your family in the name of Jesus. I pray that your family stays healthy and safe, and that every aspect of your life blossoms in the name of Jesus. I pray that your finances grow, your love grows, your life grows, and your walk with God grows. I declare in the name of Jesus, that no demon or devil of hell come near you or anyone of your family; that the blood of Jesus covers you, and all chains and bondage in your family are broken. Let the love of God and the Bible direct your path. Despite our discrepancies, I love you, and I pray you have a great and prosperous life in the Lord.

    God Bless

  18. I would really like to hear someone’s feedback on how an inspired “prophet” of God could make the mistake mentioned above concerning the Greek word for image. I honestly don’t see how to reconcile it.

    • They can’t defend it. The same goes for the context of the original post. It truly saddens me that people would rather defend dreams & visions than the Word.

  19. I have to say it’s pretty funny how the bible strictly talks about God’s people being judged and ridiculed. I very much believe Damon Thompson is a true man of God if you have to go out of your way to convince people about him. I’m sorry you’re confused, but it’s O.K. we all learn from our mistakes 🙂

    • Gaby, perhaps you should study in your Bible about a group of people called the Bareans. Surely if Paul was held to such a standard it isn’t too high of one to hold your rock star, errr, leader to. Please don’t pretend that this is persecution while there are actual real-life Christians in the world being MURDERED in defense of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

  20. Also Gaby, John commands us to NOT believe every spirit, but to test them (1 John 4:1). Paul too says that if the Gospel that we are hearing is different from the message delivered by inspired writers on ancient times, we should be warned of him (Galatians 1:8).

    That is my problem with Damon. The things he teaches are not according to Scripture. And…there still is no one who can defend his abuse of ancient languages (aka making up words to impress youth) and I have a huge problem with that.

  21. dvdbrumley amd hamilton – I believe that if we were to scrutinize every word that you ever spoke we would find plenty of innocent mistakes – and you don’t know if Damon Thompson ever went back and corrected this slip. You are just trying to find something wrong with him because you believe that your church – the church of Christ or whatever you call yourselves -is the only one true church – a lot of people would call that a cult – you think only you have the answer – that’s what mormons and jehovah’s witnesses think too. Jesus said – if they are not against us they are for us – Damon Thompson is turning people on to Jesus – that’s what we’re supposed to do. If your church doesn’t believe in the outpouring of the Holy SPirit – that is your loss – The bible says that Jesus – who is the Holy Sprit – is the same yesterday, today and forever – so if He poured out His spirit back then, He will do it now. You don’t know everything. I pray that the Holy Spirit – yes -the Holy SPirit would shake you up and wake you up!

    • Mary, Damon has been asked to respond and correct any of the matters brought to light here. He chooses not to do so making it apparent that he feels it is not that important. Also, when you believe in & only teach the holy scripture there is no need to worry about making such mistakes. I would be happy to study the church of Christ with you through e-mail correspondence in order to dispel your thought that it is a “cult.” If you are interested let me know.

  22. Mary, I don’t believe that “the church of christ” is the only church going to heaven. I believe that those who follow Jesus’ teaching in scripture will be the ones who go to heaven. I’m not claiming that I’ve never made mistakes either, it’s just frustrating that damon teaches so many things blatantly against what the bible says. As for your quote of hebrews 13:8, see my above post. That verse has been grossly taken out of context.

    • I think what Mary is missing still is the fact that if she browses the web, she will find Baptist, Methodists, & Lutherans who all voice the same concerns over not only Thompson in particular, but many “prophets” just like him. Also striking is the fact that STILL, not a soul has managed to defend or even attempt to defend, the faults revealed in the discernment of just 10 minutes of his teaching in these posts.

      • That is my issue too. Pointing the finger that everyone makes mistakes is just avoiding the issue at hand. You’re right, it is sad that no one will be honest enough to admit that he is a false teacher.

  23. The “Church of Christ” teaches that a sinner is forgiven of sin when he is baptized in water by a Campbellite elder. Where does the Bible teach that water baptism is required in order to have one’s sins forgiven? Every time the phrase “for the remission of sins” occurs it is speaking of the fact that sins have been forgiven previously! The Bible plainly teaches that the forgiveness of sins is conditioned upon repentance of sin and faith in Christ – never upon water baptism! (Matthew 3:11; Luke 24:47; Acts 3:19; Acts 5:31; Acts 10:43; Acts 20:21; Romans 1:16; Romans 4:5; et.al.) Where does the Bible teach that forgiveness of sin is linked with water baptism? When Christ made the statement in Matthew 26:28, “for the remission of sins,” it had to be because they had been forgiven all through the Old Testament! Christ shed His blood because God forgave repentant and believing sinners for thousands of years before the Son of God came to “take away” sins and to redeem us and pay the sin-debt with His own precious blood. How can one say that “for the remission of sins” means ‘in order to obtain’ in light of the fact that God never uses the phrase in that sense? In the Old Testament God forgave sin on the basis of a blood sacrifice (Heb. 9:22) – the Old Testament saints had their sins remitted (i.e., forgiven) but they were not redeemed until Christ came and shed His blood at Calvary. Their sins were covered (Romans 4:7; Psalm 32:1), but the sinner was not cleared of his guilt (Exodus 34:7) until the Cross (Heb.10:4). Before Calvary, the sins of believers were pardoned, but they were not paid for (i.e., redeemed) until the crucifixion (see Romans 3:25 and Heb. 9:12-15). When Jesus said, “It is finished,” (John 19:30), all sin – past, present and future – was paid for, and the plan of salvation was completed, so that ‘whosoever believeth in Him shall receive remission of sins’ (Acts 10:43). In Acts 2:38, the people were baptized because their sins were forgiven (at Calvary when Jesus said, “Father, forgive them,”) and they received the blessing of forgiveness when they repented of their sin of rejecting Christ and accepted Him as their Saviour and Lord. Friend, heaven or hell depends on what you believe about this.

    • Jgarcia, your comments about the church of Christ are so false and draped in ignorance (lack of education/research, I am not calling you ignorant) that I hesitated to approve the comments. I think that most with a basic knowledge of scripture will be able to see the many problems in your comments but I would like to clear up one thing you said. You said “The ‘Church of Christ’ teaches that a sinner is forgiven of sin when he is baptized in water by a Campbellite elder.” That statement is simply false.

    • JOGAR, I don’t have time to look at each individual passage you’ve mentioned, but let’s look at Acts 2:38. You said that “the people were baptized because their sins were forgiven (at Calvary…” Where in the text does it say that? It doesn’t! In verse 37 the people recognize their guilt and ask what to do. Peter’s response is to repent and be baptized FOR the forgiveness of sins…not because of.
      You are right that confession of Christ and repentance of sins is necessary for salvation, but you’ve left out baptism which completes the process. When all of the teachings on salvation are grouped together one discovers the process of salvation has several parts, none of which can be ignored.

  24. I have rarely…if ever….heard a “man of God” speak where I didn’t hear something that I either didn’t agree with theologically, didn’t feel comfortable with, or thought probably wasn’t the best interpretation of scripture. Here is a news-flash….they are MEN of God. They are not God, so they are not perfect. Neither are you, or me, or all of our beliefs or doctrines. You can say the scriptures don’t lie…they don’t, but they have to be interpreted by humans. Your ability to know exactly what God meant with each scripture, must be an incredible burden to bear. But seriously, I have followed The Ramp and Damon’s ministry closely for over 2 years and I don’t agree with every word that comes out of his mouth….he has said a million times that he finds something in scripture everyday that changes his thoughts on other scripture/theology that he has taught in the past. I definitely am a little wary of some of the associations that he may have and I also am not a big fan of structuring everything around “dreams & visions”(they are obviously biblical if you believe in the supernatural, but there is alot of room for error in this area). But I can say that his teachings do not just blindly follow the normal patterns that most in the charismatic/prophetic movement profess….he is his own man. He has his own beliefs and you can easily see that, if you listen to all of his sermons. You can debate his doctrines all day (gifts of the spirit, etc.)….but you are barking up the wrong tree if you think this dude does not preach Christ crucified…constantly. I have started going to The Ramp on a consistent basis and the first thing that stood out to me when I started attending regularly was how much Christ and the cross is proclaimed. I am a very jaded and skeptical kind of guy…and as with any church/denomination, you will always have some fakes, some “sheeple”, and some total loons….especially in charismatic circles. But this guy is the most Christ centered preacher that I have ever heard (and I have heard a ton)…especially at the youth conferences…everything that happens is centered around glorifying Jesus.

    I’m not going to try and “respond” to every little problem you have with his sermon….that would be similar to trying to explain to an atheist the so-called discrepancies in the Bible. An atheist doesn’t have any frame of reference to try and understand the more complicated issues of scripture. You have some good points/concerns. But you also took a ton of stuff out of context, but there is no way for you to know that without having the reference of knowing what Damon’s overall thoughts/doctrines are on certain subjects….without looking at things through a different paradigm (the charismatic view of scripture). For example…you use the scripture from 1Cor….”when that which is perfect has come” as your defense for the cessation of the gifts. This is a common defense, but in no way a scripture that you can know 100% points to “scripture” as what is defined as “perfect”. We can (as thousands have) argue that point all day and get nowhere…but if you believe that then of course you are going to have a major problem with most of what a speaker that believes in the gifts says. And no, I do not want to get into a 10 page long debate about the gifts of the Spirit…though I’m sure you would love it…and of course you would be right because you have the only correct interpretation of the Word. Of course I’m being sarcastic, but how can we argue things about scripture when you truly think you have biblical proof on your side and I believe I truly have biblical proof on my side, along with real life experience in these areas that back up my biblical point of view. I agree that one of us has to be right on some of these issues and that would make the other wrong…..but regardless of what you may think. There are people who have truth that you do not have…as I’m sure that you may know things that they do not.

    Karen Wheaton hopes (and prays earnestly…probably one of the nicest people I have EVER had the pleasure of knowing) that the churches of her city could be united in the effort of reaching the people of her hometown for Christ. She believes that God can do it….I do too….but here is the issue. It’s one thing to have basic doctrinal differences like types of music, what is sin and what is not, etc. But when there are other denominations that literally believe that what you are doing is at the least leading people in false doctrine and at the worst basically working for Satan….there is not much hope for reconciliation. I respect your view of scripture and I’m not going to question why you feel the need to rebuke Mr. Thompson. Here is the one thing that you can not argue with as far as I’m concerned…..fruit. You will know them by their fruit. I don’t even have to get into the “supernatural” stuff. I have personal testimony and testimony from several people I know that you can’t argue with. I have a person in my own household that has totally changed her life after encountering Jesus and the cross through The Ramp ministry. I can almost guarantee you that I would not be walking with God right now if it was not for this ministry…of course with God all things are possible…but it was not looking good for me. Most of the people at The Ramp are so hungry for God that it literally makes you want to spend more time with God just being around them. Every “church” has a few people that you just know love God and walk it out every day. This place is full of people like that. Anytime I run into questions or I see something that I may not agree with….all I have to do is think about the fruit that is being produced. I don’t know you, so I can’t speak for you…but I can guarantee that most of these people read/pray more in a day than most Christians do in a month. I’m not saying that makes them superior to you or anybody else….but you can see God’s influence in their lives by the way they handle themselves and others. You will not find a group of people more giving of themselves….and more consumed with being everything that God wants them to be. Does that mean they are perfect..no…but they are real and they do what we are all called to do…..PRODUCE FRUIT. I am a more loving, Christ centered, cross centered, and fruit producing person because I have known these people.

    Ask yourselves….what have you done for Christ and his Gospel lately (besides “defending” the flock against “false teaching”)? Have you laid your life down (or do you just read His Word out of obligation or so you can defend your positions)? Is he the center of your existence (or just an idol that you have made with your hands…you shape him in whatever form you are most comfortable with)? I have been guilty of the things above, but I’m doing better with the help of the great examples I see at The Ramp and the help of the merciful Holy Spirit.

    I don’t question your concerns with the doctrine, but to hear you question the character of Damon (or any of The Ramp community) is laughable. The people that know Damon/the Ramp that read this are either getting furious because you are talking about people they love/respect…or they are almost laughing at the thought of Damon being self….not Christ-centered. If you think Damon’s motives are anything other than being crazy in love with Jesus…”you may have low-self esteem and I will have to look at you and call you stupid”….just kidding, but when you put the quote above in your comments I had to laugh out loud…..ridiculous.

    So…have you ever disagreed with something you pastor/teachers have said? Have you ever stopped to actually look at what is produced through this ministry…up close. I doubt it….you probably just stand back and go…”I don’t agree with that, or that, or that”…..never mind that 300 people just came to the altar to MAKE JESUS LORD OF THEIR LIVES (NOT ACCEPT HEAVEN OR A GET OUT OF HELL FREE CARD)…or the fact that a person was just completely delivered from drugs over there…or that guy over there that just received power to walk away from porno…..or that couple that just had their marriage renewed…..or the 14 year old boy that was just delivered from cutting……or the lady that just threw her glasses away because her eyes were restored! This is the fruit that I have seen and will continue to see from that “horrible” ministry, The Ramp. The enemy may be able to produce some “false fruit”…..but that fruit will never remain and it’s subject will not continue to grow closer to God because of it. The power of God is worker through this ministry…it is not them….it is Him. For every so called problem you have or negative person you can produce concerning this ministry…..I can produce 50 glorious pieces of fruit. I hope you don’t miss Jesus, because you are more concerned with His disciples washing their hands. I know this comment will not change your perspective one bit (though I pray that it does…even just a little)….I mostly wrote it so others that are wondering about what you are saying, will get a different point of view……from someone who has looked into both sides….up close.

    Keep preaching Christ brothers….and know that there are people at The Ramp that are praying for you. Not for you to think or become like us, but for you to have Christ as the burning center of you life. And I hope that you do not just rebuke what you do not agree with….but you pray for those that you complain about. If you are not praying for Damon, I question your motives.

    Peace & Love to you all.

    • Thanks for the comments T-dub. I find it troubling that you put your faith in a man and organization who you admit that you know what they speak is not always Biblically sound. Ask yourself why you do that? Is that not idolatry, to put more faith in something man-made rather than something from God? The answer is yes. My hope is that your struggles with what Damon teaches will lead you to boldly question his teaching and seek the truth of why he feels compelled and authorized to take liberty with the word of God. This is not a matter of interpretation, it is a matter of spitting in the face of God. Hebrews tells us that Jesus was the final word of God. Sadly, Damon does not believe that and believes that God is giving him authority to not only manipulate Christ’s word, but the words and thoughts of those who boldly proclaimed this Christ crucified as we have been given in the New Testament. Why are you putting your faith in a man who your knowledge of scripture tells you is wrong in what he teaches? I don’t find this paradigm odd though because your rebellion regarding the Holy Spirit’s instruction about who should pastor/elder/bishop would be a similar form of rebellion and a literal spitting in the face of those who penned the holy scriptures. If you will ignore your conscience on that matter based on post-modern reasoning, then it should be simple for you to ignore it on your admitted knowledge of the errors of Damon’s teaching. I feel no need to defend what I have said in the post(s) as the claims you make against them are simply false. I am saddened by how easily you shrug off the fact that yes, one of us is right, and one of us is wrong. The Bible says there is one truth and there is NO other way to Him. If your conscience is already telling you that what I lay out is true regarding Damon teaching another message than what is found in scripture, then you no longer have reason to “question” my “motives.” You already answered that question yourself.
      You may judge something by it’s fruit, correct. This place has been promising revival in Hamilton for 10 years now. I ask, where is it? Where is that fruit? Where is that revival? If members such as yourself are dissatisfied with the teaching you hear, I find that to be the fruit. You ask if I have ever heard a message from my preacher that I did not agree with. Yes, I have. The solution is in scripture though. When will you begin following it? I ask you to look and see what Damon and in a sense KWM is a fruit of. Go back and look at their “apostolic” fathers and see where they are now in their lives. Look at Dutch Sheets and his affiliation with ICA. What is he a fruit of and who does he associate with (Morningstar, where Todd Bentley is allowed to stand up in a pulpit and teach). If all of their fathers have met embarassing and revealing ends, do they really expect anything different lest they repent? Do you really expect anything different to come of you or your loved ones? You reveal that you are so close to the truth. I ask that you begin properly discerning what Damon teaches as well. Is he given permission to teach his “dreams and visions” in the name of God (NO). Does he take liberty with scripture that goes against the New Testament order to “teach the word? (YES). Need I say more?

    • T-Dub, I left something out of my reply to you. In part of your defense(?) of Thompson, you stated that he says that his ideas about scripture are constantly changing. 2 Tim. 3:7 describes that very person and those one who they prey “always learning and never coming to knowledge of the truth.” Paul’s advise to Timothy, yourself, and I a couple of verses above is “avoid such people.”

  25. With all due respect…I feel that you are an intelligent guy, with views that are just different than mine….but I fail to see how nearly anything you said in your reply was relevant to my post.

    I will try to explain myself as briefly as possible (not my strength..lol), though I’m confident after your response that it will not matter what anyone says to you. You are not here to discuss or possibly learn something new…you are here to rebuke and promote your agenda. You have every right to do that and I respect it. But I’m going to be a little more blunt with you this time for a couple of reasons….(A) because you were fairly insulting/condescending in your post and seemed to have no interest in a civil discourse and (B) because I did not expect you to touch on every single point I brought up, but was really disgusted after the time I put into a response that you obviously didn’t read or didn’t care to respond to 95% of it. You missed the whole point of the my response, because you can’t see past your own bias (in my opinion).

    If you can’t “discern” a simple “comment/message”, from a simple man, wrote in simple modern day English…..then how in the world can I trust you to discern complicated issues in the Holy Scriptures?

    Your bias has apparently closed your mind to common sense and any thought of rational discussion.

    How did you make this conclusion…

    ~~(YOUR WORDS) “you know what they speak is not always Biblically sound. Ask yourself why you do that? Is that not idolatry, to put more faith in something man-made rather than something from God? The answer is yes. My hope is that your struggles with what Damon teaches will lead you to boldly question his teaching and seek the truth of why he feels compelled and authorized to take liberty with the word of God. …. Why are you putting your faith in a man who your knowledge of scripture tells you is wrong in what he teaches?…. If your conscience is already telling you that what I lay out is true regarding Damon teaching another message than what is found in scripture……If members such as yourself are dissatisfied with the teaching you hear”~~~

    from this statement…..

    ….~~(MY WORDS)..I have rarely…if ever….heard a “man of God” speak where I didn’t hear something that I either didn’t agree with theologically, didn’t feel comfortable with, or thought probably wasn’t the best interpretation of scripture. Here is a news-flash….they are MEN of God. They are not God, so they are not perfect. Neither are you, or me, or all of our beliefs or doctrines. You can say the scriptures don’t lie…they don’t, but they have to be interpreted by humans…. I have followed The Ramp and Damon’s ministry closely for over 2 years and I don’t agree with every word that comes out of his mouth….”~~~~~

    It would be clear to anyone that read my entire post that none of the points you make above are valid. I never said or implied any of those things just by saying that I didn’t agree with every word that came out of Damon’s mouth. How is what I said different than what you said….~~~~(YOUR WORDS)” You ask if I have ever heard a message from my preacher that I did not agree with. Yes, I have.”)~~~~ So does that mean that you feel all of those things about your pastor/teachers, that you ASSUMED I feel about Damon?

    And I loved the part where you took what I said about Damon learning new things scriptually, that change his perspective on previous knowledge and made that into
    “always learning and never coming to knowledge of the truth.”
    Wow..that scripture has nothing to do with what I said…but whatever. So you have never came across something in scripture on one day that gave you greater clarity or even changed your mind about what you thought some other scripture meant that you read a month ago. Even someone that currently, apparently, believes they have a complete handle on all truth, like yourself, would have to admit that you can learn new things as you read scripture (even stuff that you have read before)…..if not, I guess we should all read the Bible through once and then set it down….because God forbid that we learn something new that might change our mindset about something else we read! But in Damon’s situation, I guess you feel like he is learning without the knowledge of the truth…..because we know he can’t have any truth…..that would mean that some of your “truths” would come into question. We can’t have that can we?

    Now on to your last paragraph….your response to the “fruit question” truly shows that your bias has blinded you. I say that because I feel that you have a knowledge of scripture, but yet you forfeit any proof of that through your “Where is the revival in Hamilton?” response….I mean that was really a stupid way to defend against the fruit that is clearly abundant. Hey let’s point out what has not happened, not what has……cute! Here are some thoughts on your last paragraph.

    1. If your form of “revival” doesn’t come to Hamilton, then there is no fruit? Despite the fact that I have personal knowledge of multiple instances of wonderful, biblical things happening as result of God using this ministry. But of course none of that matters…right?

    2. I’m sure you have prayed for things like revival, lost loved ones, etc…..and according to your reasoning I guess you are a fraud because some of it (I’m sure)has not come to pass….
    And yes we do believe in declaring and believing for things to come to pass, like revival, as long as it is biblical. I have an odd feeling that God just might want revival to break out, but that is just me. You may not want that….it may not fit into your box and everyone may not walk around with an immediate, 100% complete grasp of every truth in scripture…and we couldn’t have that!

    3. Do you think that there might be a “few” instances in scripture where people made declarations from God…or just prayed for things….that didn’t happen immediately. Most of the time the people did not even see it in their lifetime. Those things are in the Bible…..really. How dare us declare revival….my goodness that is demonic.

    4. Are there people in the charismatic/prophetic circles that I am not comfortable with….sure. As with any group as large as that, there are people with whom I have a problem with. But despite that, I do not judge a man or a ministry SOLELY on the basis of who they associate with or who their associates, associate with. Surely there is no one that you associate with, that associates with a person that may not be ideal. I have never had problems with 99% of Damon’s teaching, but I’m not crazy about some of his “associations”. So I watched and listened closely to see if any of the areas of concern, were areas that Damon would support or promote. So far …as I said before….Damon is his own man and often rebukes/corrects the same people that he would consider peers. Damon has made it clear that there are people within his peer group that have fallen into error and I know he tries to be positive influence to some of them and with some he just steers clear.
    If you want to break down what Damon says in meetings, that’s makes sense…..But to make such harsh judgements against Damon/KWM, concerning their associations is just not fair. You are not part of those relationships, so why speculate on their nature. If you are trying to make some personal judgements on whether or not you want to follow a certain ministry then investigate all you want. But to do so just to tear someone down is very shallow and judgemental. Stick with your “Damon goes against scripture in his teaching” message…at least then you don’t look like a jerk who has an agenda. There is nothing wrong with exposing what you think is false doctrine, but all of the other stuff is just garbage that takes away from your credibility.

    So let me sum this up with some clarifying statements and some questions for you……

    Yes I believe Damon/KWM is doing the will of God and it is evident by the COUNTLESS lives changed by GOD THROUGH their ministry.

    Anyone that listens to Damon on a regular basis knows that his knowledge and grasp of of scripture is astounding. I would pay money to see you two fellas sit down and have a debate….though it would moist likely be fruitless…it would be entertaining. And I guarantee that you would not question his knowledge of scripture again. You wouldn’t agree with much that he had to say, but the man can give you scripture on top of scripture.

    The people at The Ramp (including the staff) are some of the greatest people I have ever been associated with. They pray, read, and walk out scripture in their daily lives better than any group I have ever seen. Are they perfect…no….are most of them trying with all of their guts to be Christ’s representative/reflection here on the Earth….YES…YES….YES.

    The point to my post was to show you some one who looks at things through a skeptical eye…..looked at the evidence…ALL of Damon’s messages over the last 2 or 3 years and then looked at the fruit. The fruit inspection has come up close and personal in myself, my own family, and several others. I can not deny the fruit……the miraculous amounts of conversions, true deliverance from all kinds of evil/sinful things, and just overall changed lives…people who are closer to Jesus now than ever before….thanks to the obedience of people in this ministry. I knew that our difference in doctrine would not change, but I hoped that you and others reading the post would consider me honest in what I am saying and then be thankful for the fruit. You are not interested in the truth….you are interested in YOUR perception of the truth and nothing else. Of course you will now refer to the Bible as all the truth you need and I totally agree….but when we look at the same truth (Bible) and come away with 2 conclusions then I guess I (and everyone) on the planet) apparently will have to admit that you are right and you have all wisdom and knowledge at your disposal….kind of sounds like omniscience to me.

    What do you do with the fruit?

    What do you think of the leaders at KWM? Are they good people that are just deceived? Are they just doing the will of Satan, not knowing it? Are they willing pawns of Satan here to deceive the flock? I mean you have already called Damon a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, so the man that preaches the CROSS with more passion, more often, than ANY man I have EVER heard is a pawn of the enemy..um…O.K??….(of course you had to make reference to his appearance as well…do you think God wears a suit and has a buzzcut?….how about John the Baptist….heck how about Jesus while on the Earth?).

    Do you love Damon? Do you pray for him?

    Have you ever met Karen? What could you possibly have against that woman…other than the doctrinal differences?

    ANYONE who knows these people knows that their lives revolve around Jesus. I know people that don’t agree with some of The Ramp’s “doctrine”, who can still understand that this group of people is crazy in love with Jesus. What about you….if you disagree with someones doctrine, does that mean that those people are evil in your eyes? Does everyone have to see things the way you do to be saved….or do I have to believe in all of the teachings/beliefs of dvdbrumley to have God in my life.

    Do you think Damon is saved? How about Karen? How about me?
    I know the three of us believe in all of the basic tenets of the Christian faith….virgin birth, Trinity, bodily resurrection, etc…. So what is disqualifying us?…..because we believe in the gifts….because we believe that people can still have dreams or visions from God….You are seriously going to condemn all of us over what most would call non-essential doctrinal issues. I have no problem with you believing that the gifts have ceased….you can still be a Christian in my eyes, so why do you feel differently?

    I am not examining the fruit in your life/ministry, nor do I want to. And I promise you that I hope that your fruit is overflowing. The more people proclaiming the risen Jesus, the better. But if you do not have any of the fruit that the Bible speaks of personally and if you are not changing lives or being a part of something that is……then my friend there is a group of people in the Bible that you should become familiar with….they are called Pharisees.

    Are you a fruit inspector…or a fault finding Pharisee. It’s easy to sit back and throw stones….but can you turn those stones into bread. Can you give hope to the hopeless? Do you deliver the oppressed? Do you step into peoples’ pain and situations and bring healing….or do you just stone them from a distance? Do you lead people to your church…or do you lead them to the one true, living God? Do you love God with all of your heart….or do you just keep his commandments out of obligation? Have you died for Him yet….or do you live for your doctrine? I am truly asking these questions to you….I don’t know you, so I don’t have any idea. You may be so on fire that people from all over the world are coming to watch you burn….if so, great….praise God! I am not there yet….but because of God work through The Ramp, I am closer than I have ever been.
    Let the name of Jesus be lifted high!

    • T-dub, I do not feel compelled to discuss your response point by point. You made a reply, I responded. If my response says things that you find offensive, I am truly sorry. Seeing as most of my reply was based around your own admissions though, perhaps that is what you find most offensive. I will try to briefly respond to some of what you have added now.
      1. You are of the mindset that nothing anyone says to me will matter to me. I affirm that conclusion. If what someone says to me does not align with the word of God in it’s grammatical and historical sense, then what that person says does not matter in the least to me. Imagine what a great world it would be if more held God’s word in this regard. So long compromise, so long liberal cults. Instead, we live in a world of spineless people playing Christian who when the word of God is pointed out to them they say, “let’s vote on it.” This is also a world where someone such as yourself listens to someone say things in direct conflict with scripture and you make a decision to just let it slide.
      2. I can give you my word that I read each word you posted twice over. If my response was not to your liking, I apologize.
      3. In the portion of your last response in which you start, “How did you make this conclusion…” I guarantee you that any person with an objective point of view can read that and see how I drew my conclusion. It was your words. I read responses in the same way I read the Bible. Is means is.
      4. You have some problem following the logic behind my response to your question about hearing things that I disagree with from my teachers. The point I made is not in the fact that I sometimes hear things that are not clear or evident to me, the point is in the response to such hearing. Again, the reason things are how they are now is because of people such as yourself who from their own admission just let it go.
      5. Following your diatribe about how 2 Tim. 3:7 did not apply to your words (you failed to say how that was so by the way), you wrote, “some of your “truths” would come into question. We can’t have that can we?” You are more than welcome to call into question the things that I have said so long as you do it through scripture. The standard does not apply to what I have said though because what I have said IS based in scripture, not dreams, visions, or untranslated tongues. I would like to point out here that from the first post about Damon’s teaching, I have invited and encouraged someone to support the teachings discerned with scripture still no one has, including you.
      6. You wrote: “Now on to your last paragraph….your response to the “fruit question” truly shows that your bias has blinded you. I say that because I feel that you have a knowledge of scripture, but yet you forfeit any proof of that through your “Where is the revival in Hamilton?” response….I mean that was really a stupid way to defend against the fruit that is clearly abundant. Hey let’s point out what has not happened, not what has……cute!” Again, I am perplexed by your failure to see clear reasoning. In a discussion about false prophets, is it not relevant to point out the prophecy that has failed to come true. Should that not be the jumping off point. You say point out the things that have happened. I beg you, tell me. I guarantee you that anything you point out I can show you the same results from pop-psychology. Yet, you probably believed Oral Roberts when he said he would die if your people did not pay for his hospital to be built.
      7. “I’m sure you have prayed for things like revival, lost loved ones, etc…..and according to your reasoning I guess you are a fraud because some of it (I’m sure)has not come to pass….” You are correct, I have prayed for such things and those prayers are not always answered in the way that my tiny mind may believe they should be. That is not because my prayer or God is a fraud though. That is because God’s reasoning is so much different than mine and perfect (Romans 11:33). Even Christ prayed to God, “your will be done…” in Matthew 6. Therefore, our prayers are to be for God’s will to be done and none of us have authority to proclaim that GOD WILL DO THIS – unless he has revealed it IN SCRIPTURE. I have a suspicion that you totally agree with that.
      8. You wrote: “we do believe in declaring and believing for things to come to pass, like revival, as long as it is biblical.” Tell me where it in the Bible we find anything about Hamilton, AL or, as the Ramp likes to tout, the Third Awakening. Again, you are making my points for me.
      9. you wrote “I do not judge a man or a ministry SOLELY on the basis of who they associate with or who their associates, associate with” Perhaps it is time you begin. There is a reason that Muslim conventions invite Rick Warren to speak at their functions, because they know there is no chance He will proclaim the truth that Jesus Christ is the only way and that Mohammad was a false prophet. Birds of a feather. Take a look at this. Surely you didn’t donate the $1000 http://www.karenwheaton.com/site/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=138&Itemid=103 Also, I see you and others say that Damon rebukes such people, oddly though, I can never find those declarations anywhere for public consumption.
      10. I would love to debate Thompson. I have notified him of these posts but he chooses not to defend his false teaching in this format. If you have the ability to set up a debate with Thompson, please do so. Surely he is not as insulated from his own followers as he is from me.
      11. I will conclude by addressing your Pharisee remarks. I think that is out of place and I would love to see you defend that statement while remaining in the context of who the actual Biblical Pharisees were and what they taught. Personally, I think you need to reexamine that statement and your entire last paragraph as it drips with piety. If you read this blog or the posts regarding Thompson you should be able to see the difference between a Pharisee and I. If not, then study up on the Pharisees please. Here’s your first lesson – was tithing old law or new covenant? Would a Pharisee of Christian berate a congregation consistently about tithing?

      God bless you

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