…This He Set Aside…(Col. 2:14)

Early last month, The Mirror reported that archaeologists had recently uncovered a Roman nail from the first or second century.  They reported that the relic was found on the island Ilheu de Pontinha, off of Medeira, Portugal.  Found in a fort believed occupied by the Knight’s Templar (yes, the same guys from the Da Vinci Code), the nail is regarded to be of much importance.  History tells us that the Knight’s Templar believed it important to seek and secure relics of Christ and this nail only confirms the fact that the Templar did carry out that task.  There is of course no way of knowing if the nail is one that was actually driven through the wrists/hands of Christ but in reading the article linked, there is evidence that would suggest that many people, for some reason, found this nail to be something to investigate.

This is not the nail found in the article, just a replica.

Reading this article though caused me to stop and reflect.  I realize that perhaps I don’t often realize the full scope of the sacrifice that Christ made.  Sure, it is good to in my own prayers and in public speaking to proclaim Christ crucified, but stopping to visualize and think about the total sacrifice may be something I don’t do enough. 

The article reports that the nail found was approximately four inches in length.  If you work with nails much, that length would be a 60d in stores.  In a story I recall not long ago, a construction worker misfired a nail gun and ended up with a four-inch nail in his head (pictured).  In the picture it should give you some idea of  how long a four-inch nail is and how capable it would be of driving through a wrist in order to pin that wrist to a plank.  Keep in mind that the nails used would not have been as thin or smooth as the ones we use today. 

four-inch nail in man's head

 Perhaps I don’t think often enough about how a thick nail, being hammered with the full strength of another man, would shatter the 8 bones located in the human wrist.  The pain would have been immense.  According to WebMD, when a wrist is broken the break can extend into the wrist joint and in some cases, the bones will break through the skin.  I flinch just at the thought of a full grown man pounding away at a nail that is aimed at my skin.

Not only did this painful ordeal happen once, it happened to Christ twice, once in each wrist.  That is not to mention the nails driven through his feet.  All of this, for me.  This was done because Christ, being fully aware of my inability to earn my salvation, loved me enough to sacrifice Himself.  For me, Jesus Christ allowed Himself to be sacrificed so that I could have atonement for my sins against God.  This is a level of love that my very mind wonders about and that causes my knees to tremble.   

Colossians 2 serves record of Paul’s Spirit inspired proclamation that all of humanity was dead in their sins.  Dead until Jesus, the Son of God, made us alive together with Him by cancelling the debt and legal demands our sins have made us worthy of.  This Jesus set aside, nailing it to the cross. 

If you are reading this and have not experienced the saving power that comes with faith in not only a sacrificed, but a living Savior, then please consider putting your faith in Christ.  He is the only way to salvation.  He is the only source of hope.  By allowing nails to be plunged into the flesh He put on for mankind, He did every work necessary to save you.  All He asks is that you believe and allow your sins to be washed away by the waters of baptism. 

If you are already a Christian, stop and think for a moment about what your faith is in.  Jesus is alive despite the nails and death that man awarded His ministry with.  Are you taking full advantage of the Lord’s Supper each week to recall the life that was given for you?  Are you living your life humbly in service to a Lord who would do such?  Are you proudly and without hesitation or fear sharing the source of your hope with others?  Are you living you recognizing your daily sins and living a life of repentance?  Start today.


~ by dvdbrumley on March 3, 2010.

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